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                                                     REPORTING FAULTS

In order that we may maintain a fast and efficient service, we would ask that any fault is reported to us between the hours of 9.00am and 2.00pm Monday – Friday.

This will allow Cardiff Student Letting to contact the appropriate contractor that day. Faults reported after 2.00pm (unless an emergency) will be administered the following working day.

When reporting a fault on a domestic appliance please make sure you are aware of the make, type and if possible model/serial number. If the appliance is under guarantee/warranty we will be obliged to instruct the manufacturer’s own recommended service engineer in order not to invalidate the guarantee/warranty and we have no authority over them with regard to appointments. Similarly, some specialist makes of appliances cannot be repaired by general domestic repairing agents, as the spare parts are only made available to recommended engineers and subsequently you may experience a delay in an engineer calling to repair the appliance.

If the fault reported is your responsibility under the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement you will be asked to settle the contractors account immediately after he has finished the repair.

Whilst contractors carry spare parts it may be necessary in order to repair a fault that a part must be ordered from the supplier or manufacturer which will mean a delay in having the fault rectified.

If, for any reason, the contractor does not call at the appointed time, please contact us immediately.


                                                       EMERGENCY REPAIRS

We recognise that in some rare and particular circumstances it may be necessary for you as tenants to engage the services of a contractor outside of normal office hours.

This will involve extra expense for your landlord and as such we have a duty to ensure that best practice is adopted and that all actions are fair and reasonable.

                                             GENUINE EMERGENCY WORKS ONLY

We must stress that your landlord will only accept responsibility for out of hours repairs in a genuine and clear emergency which cannot wait until the next working day. We reserve the right to challenge on behalf of the landlord any unsubstantiated call outs and the associated costs incurred.

Please make all of your decisions in the full knowledge of the above and the following definitions.

With the specific exception of the emergency services (e.g. Fire Brigade) all repairs that come to light during office hours must be reported to Cardiff Student Letting in the first instance.


At Cardiff Student Letting we DO NOT charge any agency fees if you take a property through us. The only fees we charge are when additional work is required. Those fees are for;

1. Late payments
£2.00 per text message sent
£2.00 per email sent
£3.00 per phone call or voicemail left
£10.00 for every letter sent
£20.00 for every returned cheque
£30.00 for every visit to the property
All prices will be plus VAT

2. Tenant requested changes to tenancy agreements;
£100 plus VAT

                                                               MOVING OUT

We advise all tenants to arrange to have their post redirected by the post office.

Before the date of departure you should make your own check of all items in the property against the inventory. It is in your interest to replace any broken or missing items at this stage as you may be charged a fee for doing this for you. Ensure that the property and all its contents are properly cleaned and, where appropriate, curtains, carpets etc have received professional attention. Fridge/freezers should be switched off and defrosted. During winter months the central heating is left on a minimum setting.

On the last day of your tenancy an appointment will be made for the agency or the landlord to revisit the property and check the inventory (the “check out”). Once the checkout has been completed you will not be able to remain in the property. All your personal effects should have been removed and all the keys handed to the inventory clerk. A report will be prepared from the notes made during the check out.

Deductions may be made from your deposit if there are any missing or damaged items or if the property requires any cleaning etc. A copy of the report is sent to you but cleaning and repairs may need to be carried out before the dilapidations are agreed.

If the Deposit Protection Service are holding your deposit it can only be released when they have received authorisation from us on behalf of the landlord. Once it is agreed the ‘lead’ tenant will be written to or emailed and will have to confirm how they want the deposit paid back. Should any items on the inventory require attention this will inevitably lead to a delay in monies being returned to you. If a dispute arises then the undisputed amount will be refunded and the disputed amount retained until the issue is resolved. We will require a forwarding address for each tenant; deposits cannot be refunded without it!

                                                        SAFETY & SECURITY


Statistics show that, in this country, a theft of personal possessions occurs about once every one and a half minutes. Students living off campus, in most inner city areas, have a ONE IN FIVE chance of being burgled (IN SOME AREAS THIS CAN INCREASE TO ONE IN TWO). It is therefore essential that you obtain some form of contents insurance. It is false economy to save money by not having any.


LANDLORD’S RESPONSIBILITIES: By law, all furniture (except that made before 1950) in rented accommodation, which is considered to be soft furnishings (sofas, armchairs, cushions, and beds) must be fire resistant. This information should be on a label, somewhere on the furniture. The landlord is also required to provide adequate smoke alarms and a fire blanket or suitable fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

TENANT’S RESPONSIBILITIES: Never cover up, or remove the batteries from, a smoke alarm. You risk death or serious injury and the Landlord can sue for damage caused to their property. Always put candles on a protected surface. Never leave a candle lit when you go to sleep or leave the room.